Yiwu Buying and Procurement Agency

You don't have to come to Yiwu, China by yourself, Shanghai Cyber Dreams will investigate the products on your behalf. And if you place an order, we will purchase, inspect, and pack the products, and deliver them directly to your designated location in Japan. If you have any products you want, please fill in the request details (your name, contact information of the manufacturer you want to buy from, product data, quantity, shipping destination, etc.) and send it by email or inquiry form to our company.

*Depending on the case, you may be asked to provide a sample of the product.

Services and fees related to Yiwu, China

Services Contents Fees
①Buying and procuring goods from Yiwu If you have decided on the source and the goods to buy and procure, Shanghai Cyber Dreams will purchase, inspect, pack and ship them on your behalf. You just need to fill in the order sheet prepared by Shanghai Cyber Dreams and email it to us. ・Buying agency only: Inspection fee 10 yuan/piece + domestic and international shipping costs in China
Buying agency + inspection: Inspection fee 15 yuan/piece + domestic
international shipping costs in China (The inspection fee varies depending on the product)
※Additional fees apply for returns, exchanges, and cancellations.
②Market research in Yiwu If you want us to check the prices of the products in Yiwu market, or to look for a certain product, but not to buy it, please use this service for research requests. ・300 yuan for up to 3 stores in one market. An additional 40 yuan will be added for each additional store.
If the research is in the suburbs or far away from Yiwu, China, an extra fee will be charged.
③Sample production We can also produce samples of products based on the information from the customer. 300 yuan per store per market. If you place an order for the product later, the above procurement agency will apply. If the sample is not good and you do not place an order, you will only pay the fee and the sample product cost. If you go to a factory in the suburbs or far away from Yiwu, China to make a sample, an extra fee will be charged.

About the cost

  • About the shipping fee from China

    ◯When you use our purchasing agency service, you will use the international logistics company that Shanghai Cyberdreams has partnered with.
    There are various shipping methods for the products, such as air freight and containers. Shanghai Cyberdreams will propose and quote the best shipping method according to the quantity and weight of the products you purchased.

  • About the payment

    Please make a prepayment to the Japanese bank account of Tokyo Cyberdreams. We will purchase and procure Chinese products within the range of the deposit.
    The international shipping fee will be deducted from the deposit when the invoice from the international logistics company arrives at Shanghai Cyberdreams on the 10th to 15th of the following month after the month-end closing. *The exchange rate between Japanese yen and Chinese yuan fluctuates according to the market, so please contact us each time.

  • Caution

    ·Please note that we are not responsible for any defects or damages to the goods arriving in Japan.
    ·The products you purchase are processed at your own risk.
    ·Also, please understand and forgive that the shipment may be delayed due to the exchange of defective products.