Medical Service

Medical Service

Medical support that understands your feelings

~We will be the bridge between you and Chinese medicine~

Shanghai Life Suite▶

Whether you are about to live in Shanghai, have already started, or have been living there for many years, you may still be worried about the medical situation in China.
Shanghai is relatively well-off in terms of medical care, and there are many medical institutions that accept overseas travel insurance, as well as Japanese hospitals and Japanese-speaking hospitals, where you can communicate directly in Japanese without any language problems.

However, even in such a convenient and livable place, many people are worried about these things.

  • ☹There are language (nuance) problems
  • ☹There is not enough information to make a decision
  • ☹The treatment is progressing without knowing what is going on at the hospital
  • ☹I don't know my symptoms very well
  • ☹What should I do about the continuation of treatment for my previous illness?
  • ☹My insurance has expired, I don't have insurance, the treatment is expensive if I pay by myself
  • ☹What should I do about dental treatment, what about my child's checkup?
  • ☹I get sick easily lately, is it because of my age...
  • ☹I feel stressed lately
  • ☹It's better not to go to the hospital as much as possible...
  • ☹I'm just anxious

【[We want to support such people!】

We propose medical services that can be a bridge between the Chinese medical field and the Japanese people.

Service contents▶

  • General medical consultation
  • Hospital, dental, and psychiatric referral
  • Purchase of medicine from Japan
  • China domestic medical insurance guide Other medical insurance
  • if you have trouble with previous illness treatment, please consult us.

【There is a reason why we are a membership system】

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